James Bryant
Consultant Engineer - Analog Electronics

Professional details

I am a consulting engineer and lecturer in analog electronics. I am a C.Eng, Eur.Ing, MIET, and FBIS. My degree is in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Leeds. While working for Plessey Semiconductors I designed the widely-used G4CLF SSB Transceiver using their SL1600 ICs and I was the technical advisor to the all-party Citizens' Band Radio Committee of the UK Parliament (1977-1984).

For almost 30 years I was Head of European Applications at Analog Devices, lectured widely on their behalf throughout Europe and, from time to time, the rest of the World; and was responsible for the technical training of sales, marketing and applications staff at Analog and their distributors throughout Europe and, for ten years, worldwide. I have considerable experience in lecturing in English to audiences whose first language is not English. I was the founding author of, and still write for, Analog Devices' technical column "Rarely Asked Questions" (RAQ).

Since my retirement I have developed a series of courses in Basic Analog Electronics intended as refresher courses for engineers working in the field and to provide a background in the subject for engineers in other disciplines (including digital electronics), engineering students, and project managers involved with analog electronics1. I also have a short course in Electronic Technology intended to provide a background in the field for non-technical staff at all levels in the electronics industry. I am willing to present these courses, in English, anywhere in the World.

I am available to consult on a wide variety of analog projects and problems.

1 As a longstanding radio amateur (G4CLF) and maker I am also pleased to lecture to advanced electronic hobbyists.